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InjuryFree Reporting


You will soon receive an email invitation to register your InjureFree account.  Select the link included in that email to begin registration.  To avoid duplicating teams your teams have been loaded, thanks Bob!  Please sure to maintain your rosters throughout the season, as this is essential to running a successful injury management program.  to do this just notify Brooks, bob or I and we can make the changes in the system.


InjureFree hosts many How-To Videos on YouTube to help with getting to know the platform.  For example, watch the Staff Registration Video or the Team Setup Video for assistance with those activities.  Please visit the InjureFree Support Page to find a variety of helpful videos.  If after watching the How-To videos you feel you could benefit from additional training, please contact me directly.  Its all very self explanatory and easy.


Who should enter the reports?

  • Either the PSC or Head Coach.

What injuries should be reported?

  • A reportable injury is any injury that requires time away from participation.  Things like concussions, bone breaks, sprains(wrist, ankle, knee), lacerations needing stitches and anything requiring a physician or dentist visit should be reported.  If in doubt please email Bob or I and we can help with the decision.

When should they be reported?

  • All injuries should be entered in Injurefree within 24 hours of the injury. A weekly activity report will be required to go out to TVYFL so it is imperative that injuries get logged.
  • The InjureFree website is and the login page is For quick access, bookmark the login page on your computer or, on your mobile device, select “Add to Home Page” from your browser’s menu.
  • Reporting an InjuryLog in, go to the Injury Reports, select “Report an Injury”, answer all required injury report questions and applicable optional questions.  When filled in completely, select “Submit Report.”

No Injury Report Form: 

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